Photography unit

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In this photography unit our brief was making our own music artist album cover. We could choose which artist to do. So I did Plan B. If you haven’t heard of Plan B, I can tell you that you have heard of this song I wanted to concentrate on one song, she said. This is my favourite song from Plan B. I did Plan B because I really like how he writes his songs. He makes it like a story. I thought it would be intersting to do. The song is about how he was tricked by a girl. The album contiunes to tell that he goes to jail. To make the album cover I didn’t want to do something too obvious like have a photo of his hands in cuffs. So I decided to take a photo behind the bus shelter. I really like how the bus shelter made it look like he is in jail. I think it has worked well. I would like to say thanks to Reece for beign my model for this photo.


One thought on “Photography unit

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