Poster winkel

This is my final design in my Graphics unit. The brief was to design your own typeface. This is what I have come up with. By looking back at the unit I have enjoyed it a lot. I learnt a lot about type and how important it is today. I wanted to experiment with legibility of type. I wanted to see how far I could push the legibility of type. I wanted to do this to try and communicate in different way. I did this by looking at different countries like Japan. In Japan they don’t have letters; they have pictures or shapes to communicate. They don’t have singular letters to put together to make a word. This makes it very complex because there are so many variations. This inspired me to design this typeface. I was also inspired by the Bauhaus movement. The ideas was to look at angles for the typeface. This is why there are so many 90 degree angles on the bottom of the poster. The name Winkel comes from the German word for angle. This is what my typeface is called.


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