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This is my final piece in my sculpture unit. I have enjoyed it a lot experimenting with tools and materials. The brief was to design a sculpture that used recyclable materials and choose a problem in the world that you could relate to. I did this by researching a lot of world problems like global warming and population. But I didn’t find any world problems that inspired me to design sculpture. So I decided to come up with a problem that I felt important to me. I think that there are too much houses in the world. I think that we are disrupting nature by building houses only for a family that would only live there for 30 years then move out and build another house. With that idea in mind I final finished my final piece. As you can see the final piece is a plant in a fishbowl. But this all means something.

B – The fish bowl is to represent the earth. I chose a fishbowl to show how small our world is.

C – I wanted to have a plant that wasn’t very beautiful but was very big. I wanted the plant to grow out of control to show that we can’t control nature. The horrible plant is to represent that there will be something growing but it wouldn’t be anything beautiful. This shows that we are disrupting nature.

D – This is a plastic sheet that I cut up to represent buildings. The reason why I made it from plastic was that plastic is our enemy. We try and try to get rid of plastic but it will still be there for another 10 years. I wanted the plastic to curl up with the plant. This is to suggest that we still can’t control nature. I wanted the plastic to stay low to show that nature needs to grow out. Nature has to have space to grow. I wanted the wire that’s holding on the plastic to be stuck on very messily. This is to show that this is not beauty.

A – The small leaf is to represent hope. That there is still a chance to stop this. A chance that we need to take. I wanted the leaf to be the furthest thing away from the buildings. This is to show that there will be something beautiful if you go further enough.


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