Looking at Wes Anderson

New York Premiere of Sony Pictures Classics' "Infinitely Polar Bear"

Wes Anderson is a very well known filmmaker. He has done many  films such as, Fantastic Mr Fox,  Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise kingdom. My favourite film of his that I’ve recently seen is Moonrise Kingdom. I say this because Anderson has a unique way of filming. His techniques are a flat space camera moves, obsessively symmetrical compositions, snap-zooms, slow-motion walking shots, a deliberately limited color palette, and hand-made art direction often utilizing miniatures. This makes the film visually pleasing. The stories of his film are very well done, he uses fast pace comedy that then supply with serious elements. I don’t normally like films with added humour, but Anderson’s film has a source of irony in it. It’s a lot like British comedy than American.



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