Looking at The road to York through Sledmere

town of selma

This is the first painting I will look at. I choose this one because it says a lot. By first glance it’s very colorful. The houses are painted using red paint. This is quite unusual. The warm colours are normally in the foreground and the cold colours are normally in the background. He has swapped this around so your eye is actually looking at the whole painting. The red houses are scattered in different corners. If you squint your eyes then you can clearly see the red is all around the painting. Red is normally associated with hell or being evil. I think the other reason why he has implemented red is to show that it is a nice looking town/village but it doesn’t mean the people whom live in them aren’t nice. You can have a thief in one house and a nice little girl in the other. I think he’s trying to tell us in a way that you shouldn’t judge a book by its ‘cover, in this case you shouldn’t judge a town by it beauty looking carefully at the painting you can see that the perspective is wrong. It doesn’t join well, the road cuts to a thinner road. This means you are looking at different angles of the town.


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