This is my video about the college trip to Amsterdam. There was no task involved or brief for this film, I wanted to film Amsterdam for my own accord. with part of the film I sped up some parts to enforsize that time moved really quickly. Also there were part that slowed down to show I wanted stay in Amsterdam for longer.I really enjoyed myself there. It was very different to Wales as the size of the Amsterdam is bigger than Cardiff and also I missed the hills and mountains when I was in Amsterdam. I found it amazing looking at Van Gochs work in person. I also found myself in a protest about the bombing in France and filmed them marching. I felt like a real photo journalist.

The music was by Saux – Fortunate (feat. Timantti). I choose this music because I really liked the clear beat and also the moody of the song, this meant I could sync the music with the film. This makes the film run soomthly and sound like it’s apart of the film.


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