Looking at Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte is a famous Belgium artist. He is very well none for his surrealism art. He studied at the Academie des Beaux-Art, which was located in Brussels. In his early life Magritte was influenced by Pablo Picasso and he painted a piece called the three nudes. This was one of his first painting that he had done. In that time Magritte had a lot of free time, this meant that he had time to develop his work. With his free time he started a new technique in art, this was called surrealism which didn’t take off at first. Magritte didn’t invent surrealism but he is a very good example of surrealism. He was doing a piece of art every day which meant he produced so much work for the Galerie la Centaurie gallery he was a part of. But he was not very successful in the Galerie la Centaurie because people did not understand his work and that surrealism was not a popular technique at time. So he decided to move to Paris which people still didn’t really like his work, some called it cavernous. Nothing really happened during the Second World War.



This is a very good example of surrealist work. The way that I understand surrealism is that you paint in a realistic way (like a window) but you question it features. (it is like throwing a bouncy ball on the ground it will bounce up. With surrealism it will stay on the floor, wouldn’t bounce back up)
I really like this painting a lot. I really like how realistic his painting looks. It is like you are actually there looking through the window. But of course with Magritte’s work there is a problem. There is a problem because Magritte questions the physicality of the window. As you can see the window has been broken into bits. But in the pieces of the broken glass, there is the reflection that is not meant to be there if you were a realism person. The broken glass pieces are very important to this painting. It reveals the mountain with a shape of a birds head. If Magritte did not show the broken glass then It would of bin really hard to notice the mountain that’s shaped like a birds head. I’m not sure what the mountain means. This might be a symbol of something that I could find out in his earlier work to figure out what it means. So I did. By reading the article it was a purpose of recreating one of Poe’s stories.


This painting was done in 1931. The reason why I have chosen this painting to talk about is that in the Museum we when to in Brussels I sore a lot of these cypher paintings. This made me question about his work. I don’t understand why he did this. In the museum there was a painting of a flower with cyphers in it. This was one of the first paintings of the cypher. In my opinion I think the painting looks very Sci-Fi. Looks like something you would see in the future or a futuristic film. The cypher doesn’t work in the painting. It looks like it’s not meant to be in the painting. I say this because the background of the painting is a landscape of a field. This is why I think the cypher is not meant to be there. He has deliberately done this to make people question his work. I think that Magritte was influenced by the Bauhaus with the square triangle and the circle. The reason why I say this is that in the museum it just popped up. He didn’t start with a drawing or a idea. It just was painted there. I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s not like any other paintings of landscapes. I think I do like it a bit. It’s something that would stay in my head for a while trying to figure out why he did this. It’s very ironic. In the end I found out from additional research and from Jeremy that these are cow bells. I can understand why he has done this. The cow bells is a way of sowing sound. If you sore a painting of a cow in a landscape painting then that fits well in the painting. I think Magritte is trying to explore a way of sowing sound. Also I think he was suggesting that normally you can hear the cow’s bells before you can see the cows. It’s a different way of seeing things in his paintings. He tries to make people see differently in the world.


By comparing the two painting that I have written about this painting is very different. The reason why I say this is that he uses so much color in this painting. It is a very different style of work that I have seen. He did this painting around 1950s to 60s. This shows that he has developed another style and ideas. He still does surrealism but it is a very colorful. It is still surrealism by looking at the trees, he has replaced the small leafs into one big one. I like to think that this is like a small tree but on a big branch. The reason why I say this is that a tree represents a family, family tree. You can only see five trees but in a background it looks like there is hundreds of trees there. It also looks like there is a fire in this painting. There is so much color involved in this painting that It looks like there is a fire. So much warm colors, red, orange and yellow. This looks like one of Cezanne’s work. The reason why I say this is that he uses the same technique, using warm colors as a background to attract the eye. Magritte could also be influenced by Cezanne’s work. In my opinion I really like this painting a lot, it colorful and attractive and very ironic. It is really nice how all of the colors complement each other. This painting work well together. With the painting of the cypher it didn’t feel like it was meant to be there. But in this painting if feels more real because of the landscape complements each other, even though it is not very realistic.




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