Looking at Mark Leckey



This is one of Mark Leckey’s pieces. When we arrived in the museum I was questioning myself why has he done his. Why is there a fridge with a open door. I started to think that It could be something about the environment. With the fridge it could represent the icecaps melting. Since a fridge is cold this could mean that we have to change this. Or also it could mean we are wasting electricity, for example leaving the fridge door open. When people looked at his work they were stunned and scared. There were really weird sounds and lighting effected. I felt a bit scared. In the sculpture unit I used a fish bowl and put a plant inside and put a plastic ring around it. I was trying to make people a bit stunned with my work. Carwyn started to laugh and question why I have done this. He felt that it was disturbing. I wanted Carwyn to feel disturbed because that was the point of the sculpture. The brief was make a sculpture from a recycle material and try and put a world or local problem in the sculpture. I wanted to make people scared with my sculpture which will make them realize the problem. I you were to make a beautiful piece of a tree falling then people won’t really react. If you were to put a plant in a fish bowl which would look so beautiful and something ugly in the middle, then people would react to it more. I think this is what Mark Leckey was trying to do. I think he has succeeded in this. I am not sure if I like it or not. He hasn’t made anything with his hands, but its not really all about making something with your hands. It’s about giving your ideas across. I think I like it because of how he has scared me and the others on the course.


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