Modernism and Post Modernism in complex from

Modernism and Postmodernism are two movements that are hard to define. The word itself doesn’t make any sense; there is no clear time of when modernism was born. My interpretation of Modern art and Post is that the process and the experiments are the most important part of the work. I believe that artist care about the process on how the work develops. I say this by looking back in time.  Cubism was invested in form, expressionism was invested in colour and feeling and now modern and post is about the process. In my opinion I don’t like this movement, I say this because I don’t really understand the movement. It’s a lot like a painting, when you see a painting that you’re not sure of what it’s about then you will most likely dislike it. This movement was all about new ways of expressing art, technology developed in video art. There was performance art, installation and Earth work. Now there are so many ways of communicating in vast amount of mediums and Medias some artists don’t challenge the theory of modern and post but seeks the Medias full potcocacolaential. This might be because artists reject this movement or that there is so much going on they are invested in one point. You can probably class Andy Warhol as a modern leader for the movement, since modern art follows popular cultures and has become an everyday thing. By looking at one of his works the prints of Cocaola you can see the strong lines that give the bottle a steady object. If I were to tell you how you feel about this painting, what would you feel? What if I show you another painting by Van Gogh, how do you feel when you see this painting? The painting of course says so much more than the bottles. Van Gogh does this firstly by positioning the view. In the painting you see five people sitting by the table. Notice that none of the people are looking at us and that were not at the table. This tells us we are peaking through a key hole or something, were not meant to be there. He is telling us that was society then or this is how peopicasso-potato-familyple were like back then. But now look at the bottles. Are they positioned in an important way? The white background doesn’t give us content if the bottles are floating? This is modern art, is not  about the final piece but about the process that Andy Warhol did. It’s a good way to show that art is not about the end journey but the whole journey, this is true but I don’t believe in it so much.  I believe Andy Warhol was the drive of making art as part of a cultural society which could be a good thing, involves more people in art. But the consequence of this is that skill and craftsman shift will be lost with over production. I believe the reason why people in society don’t have connections with art is because it’s not a special thing to have anymore. I say this because if you include society in art then it will become an everyday thing, just a normal thing to do. Having some kind of line between the outside world and art can make people respect the art. It’s like holding a baby’s favourite toy the baby wants to have it because you have it, if you give it to the baby it will play with it for a bit then get bored. I do believe you should involve art with society but not so for everyday thing. As seen in Brandon Taylor’s book on Modernism Post Modernism and Realism, he questions whether it means the artist is the only person relevant to the interpretation on the work and unless we know what he meant the work has no meaning for the spectator at all.


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