Idea 01/11/2016

I believe as artist we understand visuals in people’s works. Like Franklyn said this afternoon it’s not about the piece of work it’s about the story. I think artists are just like writers in a way when we look at a painting we want to know what is happening in that painting, what is the story. By doing this visually the artists use symbols or rules as like writers use words to tell the story. For an example the colour white is usually meant for purity, wedding. But if we look at a medium that doesn’t use visuals can we do the same thing? Take sound, can we develop a language or symbols in music to show or tell the story. I believe this hasn’t been explored because usually in a painting you would give little information for the viewer to find out what it is or to find their own interpretation. With sound you will have to make your own language. I believe sound is a very big part of art, not right now but in a few years I think people will discover ways of using language with sound. But the same thing with art, many artists use their own rules and symbols to tell the story and there is always a way for us to try and understand the work. You don’t need a clear language all you need to do is explore sound and develop your own understanding, only then people will develop your language.


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