Edgar Wright, John wood and Paul Harrison

screen shots Edgar wright.png




John Wood and Paul Harrisons work is based on film. They also do other things like making their own town and exploring objects. But they are very well known for their obscure films. I believe there art is a lot to dowith comedy and looking at how people react to their films .To start their first film was them doing a dance like route with a white boarding separating them. With this film they made this to explore ways of using and playing with the board. A lot of their films are them playing with objects or subjects to explore its attributes. I argue that they deliberately try and get the viewer to laugh. I say this because they play with the idea ofthings arriving or leaving the frame in funny way. Much like Edgar Wright works with the Shaun of the Dead films and Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I believe John and Paul are also doing this technique of film making.

For an example in the film Shaun of the dead we get a over the shoulder shot of two characters facing one another. This is a casual shot seen in many films, but when you get something pop into frame from a different angle surprising and funny reaction. So this is why I think John and Harrison create these films in similar ways. This has also seen in their films. But the different between Edgar Write work, John and Paul is that Edgar wants one feeling of laughter.

But John and Paul wants the viewer to laugh first then feel bad or sad for the person. I believe they play a lot with guilt and how it works. We as people like to see people getting hurt or fall over but if the video is constantly playing them falling you start to feel bad about laughing in the first place. I think this is a very interesting subject on how people work. I don’t think they are artists, I believe they are theorists. But how would you define an artist?


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