Photography as Art, Art as Photography

In this mini essay I will be looking at the history of Photography and how Photography became a part of art in this day and age. To start, the first photography that was printed on a plate was photographed by Daguerre Louis in the 1850s. Photography then was more of a scienece than art then. Its was about taking a moment in time and documenting that moment. A lot like stonimers looking at the starts documenting a placement at were they are. It was the first thing that told what the world was without a representation of man on how they looked at the world. The first person who took photograophy as an art was Henry Peach. His photographes were a way to visualy tell a story, you could say he was the first visual story teller in a lense based media. I say that he depicdid photography in an art sens of going further than documenting what was happening, he was giving us more. He gave us a sens of mood in the photograph and the postions of the people were cearfully done. As we can see here in the photo we have 4 subjects and there all  doing a different aphotog008p1things.We can first see a sick girl or lady all in white with a nurse or helper postioning her pillow. We can also see a lady sitting opersite looking careing while holding a book. These three subjects we can see there faces so we can see how they feel or whats there intension. They are intens and uncomfortable, but there is on subject with his back at the camera. I believe this subject is the father or doctor, hes looking away beacuse he knows the sick lady wount survive. In this photograph I can albert-rengersee all of this, anyone can see the situation. If you first start unravelling what the environment is you can go in  depth on the symbolison of the photography that the sick lady is pure and had a good life, but the man in black is sad and disapointed. But I’m not wonting to go that far because I’m much more intersted in how this developed in time. In time other photographers explored others way of combining art with photography. Lokking at Albert Rengers photographes there are all in some kind of format. They all look a ceratin way. By looking at this photo he looks at the object and frames the photo in a way that the object doesn’t look like an object but a sahpe. You forgett for a few seconds that its a tool. I really like his way of showing the world an everyday object seen in a different light. By separating photography as a documentation there many ways that you can play with framing things. I also want to look at Man Ray. I want to talk abut Man Ray because I believe his work he was trying hard to make photography as part of art in sosiety. Man Ray’s work is a lot to do with Surrealism anman-rayd how photography was way to see fact and if it was photograhed then its real. So he wanted to play with the idea that photography isn’t about fact or what you see is what you get but photography can’t capture everything. As seen in this photo you can see a close up of eyes looking up with what looks like tears. But they arn’t tears but glass tears.He is trying to get the viewer to forget about what the world and see what the world could be. To finish this essay I want to look at the presnt day and see the different between photography here and photography now. Jeff Walls photo’s are a simlira format as Henry Peach I say this because they both visually tell a story in the photos as well as stage the secene. I think its quit intersting how photography has now gone back in itself and made a hole circule. But you could go far and say photography in film and that they are both the same but done in a different method. Because film is visual story telling and a good film is a film that doesn’t say much but tells everything.



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