I’m currently studying at Coleg Meirion Dwyfor in Dolgellau on a Foundation Art course.
At school I realised that my interest lay in the creative arts. At college I wanted to maintain some academic discipline, and so took an AS and A level in History. I think it’s useful to have a historical perspective on artists and the development of their ideas. For example, looking at Pablo Picasso, one sees his development from traditional methods into cubism.
For my final major Project on the BTEC course I pursued my interest in film and photography and created a 4-minute film contrasting rural and urban locations using a Premier Pro application. I had been creating an online film and art blog for two years before that, and in this blog I experimented with different film techniques (such as variable film speeds, mixture of black and white and colour, variety of narrative techniques, and different background musical styles.) My BTEC final Major project was an extension of these experiments to which I added the creation of my own soundtrack. To generate these ideas for my Final Major Project I make brain storms and normally walk around the canteen and outside.
I am very interested in how picture-and-music /image-and-sound function together, and that’s the reason why I am taking an AS in Music Technology as a complement to my current Foundation course. For example I hope to deepen my ‘Garage Band’ techniques by becoming proficient in ‘Logic’ software.
I realise, however, that even with digital and lens based media there is an important place for traditional Fine Art techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting and pottery and I wish to develop my skills in these areas both in my Foundation course and in my university studies. It may be that I want to return to some aspect of film making, but I recognise that good film visuals can, for example, come out of good storyboard designs. As another example, the better I am at sculpting will make me better at creating film animations. I think that different fields of art are able to inspire each other. For example, I very much enjoy working in graphics and so would like to develop my printmaking skills.
I am very interested in the work of the artist David Hockney. One reason is that he explores different techniques in his work, whether in traditional painting styles, for example, portraits, or in his experiments with modern technology. For example his photo collages play with photography technology to create new ways of looking at ordinary parts of the landscape, like roads and junctions. He also plays with the traditional idea of perspective in his painting work: I am thinking for example of “The road to York through Sledmere”. In this painting we get a view of the same town from two different angels.
I have recently been following amateur film makers on YouTube and on vimeo. For example Timtothewild and Jackagap. These both have influenced me to go out and film to enjoy places you see. They both have blogs and use POV (point of view) shots to tell their story, I would like to try and develop a way that I can film with this technique.
I have been to many galleries around the world, Madrid, Brussels and Amsterdam in which I look at Pablo Picassos work and Van Gochs work. There thick lines creates so much energy and excitement in the painting. I have also look at local galleries the Oriel in Llandudno and Rhythun gallery that I look at David Nash and Helaina Shapley’s work.
When I was in school I enjoyed playing team sports such as rugby and football, this made me a competitive person in my opinion. Since I have been in college I have taken up rock climbing both indoors and outdoors, and I am a keen swimmer. I’ve enjoyed hill walking in my home region as well as with my cousins in the North of Scotland.
I’m also a keen amateur musician, playing the guitar and piano, and regularly performing on the trombone as a member of the local silver band “Seindorf Yr Oakeley”. During the summer the band plays every week outdoors in Sir Clough Williams Ellis “Italian village” at Portmeirion. We also feature every year at Portmeirion’s Festival No 6. I enjoy singing and have recently participated in a number of local Plygain services (traditional Welsh Carols).
My interest in film editing and design led to me contributing to the website of Opra Cymru, the Welsh language opera company. I have also had a filming commission from my college in partnership with North Wales Police and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service.
My schooling has all been through the median of Welsh and I am fully bilingual in Welsh and English.
I am very excited to go to university and get inspiration from the cities that I am in and use equipment that I haven’t use before. Looking forward to have the freedom of using different departments and tie them together with my projects.


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