My name is Zachary William Hunter Young and I am a second year student at Bath Spa of School of Art and Design, Fine Art. I have an interest in curating exhibition in my free time. This is a blog to discuss my work and a timeline of thing I am interested in.


Figure 1 (exhibition)


Exhibition 9/12/17

This was a good experience for me, how to set up my sculpture in a exhibition environment. I noticed by controlling the lighting at the exhibition I can enhance the shine on the metal.

Exhibition 9/12/17

This was a group exhibition that was held by Second year students. Works that were displayed was a celebration of our first term.

I booked out the venue at Ben Hughes gallery for a one day exhibition. I contacted students that would be interested in exhibiting there works. They then shared ideas and projects that would be shown at the exhibition. At this point I was shown measurements for the art pieces, I used the floor plan of the space to direct where works would be displayed. A second year graphic design student designed the poster for this exhibition. I contacted the uni for support for refreshments and travel and they provided on the day.

On the morning of the 9th the van arrived at the uni at 10:30. Works were then loaded in the van and traveled to the gallery. At 12am we organised spaces for the pieces of work. This was debated for around 2 hours. We finished setting up at 3, then book food and drinks.

The exhibition was a very good success, the turn out was great. It was nice to see that everyone enjoyed themselves. I was surprised how well it turned out and very exited for my next exhibition.

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Curated Exhibition Cv

Zachary William Hunter Young

Currently in education, second year student studying Fine art at Bath Spa School of Art and Design. Interested in curating exhibitions and working with artists. Been educated how to present and organised a working exhibition through the studies of University. Passionate about art and censured that not many works are being shown or recognized by the public.


Curated: 11 by 11, group exhibition that was held at 11 Belgrave Terrace, Bath. Works that were achieved by 11 first year students at Bath. The works were displaced indoor at a house. That consisted of 5 rooms. This was open to the public.  2-5 pm 22/05/16 – 25/05/16

Liberated Lockers, group exhibition that was held at Sion Hill, Bath. Works that were achieved by 8 first year students at Bath. The works were displaced in 600mm by 600mm square lockers, this was displayed outdoors. This was open to the public.  9-5 pm 27/05/16 – 29/05/16

Exhibition, group exhibition was held at Ben Hughes art Gallery at Bath. These works are begin achieved by 12 second year students at Bath. These works were displayed in a gallery indoors. This was opened to the public. 6-9:30 9/12/17

Figure 1

My inspiration for this piece was life drawing. I decided this term to look into life drawing and examining ways of interpreting the human body. I stared by following my line drawing with a 6mm metal pole, this gave an abstract line of the human body. This was achieved in three parts and solder the finished pieces. Currently attached to string overhead a beam. By having it hang it spins by the person, myself who turns on the piece. This would then achieve a motion sculpture, almost dancing.