Rythm 1

From my previous video playing clay I wanted to create a piece of music by mixing diffrent sound together from object I found laying around the university. I didn’t start this video at first, it was going to concerntrate on one sound and see how people react to it. But then I wanted to try something out. So I came up with this. In my opinion I don’t like this video because the tempo is very fast and I believe the viewer needs to have a slower introdution to the sound. I also didn’t want this to become a video but a sound. It’s too busy for the viewer it needs to be clear and direct.

Playing with Clay

With this video I wanted to express how I feel through the clay. Like Jackson Pollock’s work using colour and strokes he uses how he feels there and then to express through paint. I wanted to use clay to express this with sound. The main reason why I did this is to get out I feel inside and put it out there. This video was a way for me to put my entire explorations and ideas in one piece. This piece is to not complex the viewer. The idea is not giving the viewer every little information in one video. The best thing to do is to give the least amount of information so the viewer can become interactive with my piece of work. This is why I chosen sound, no visuals and you have to use one of your senses. The idea was to make the viewer quit uncomfortable so they can feel how I feel when I’m with my mum.