Dough in bottle

From the progression on the where were you video I wanted to take a different route. I when back to the dough idea and wanted to improve on it by challenging what would happen if I would put dough in a bottle. From that result the dough need away to escape. I believe I am in the same shoes as the dough wanting to escape this complexity of relationships, wanting to say everything and express how I feel. The bottle is the mum, wanting to block off and keep something that has to be free.


Where were you

This video is an experiment working with feeling. I was wanting the viewer to only see my mouth. I did this so it was something clear they could see and also a way of beign uncomfortable. I like the white background, giving no addtional information, helps the viewer to create there own interprestion on the work. The idea of having one side of the frame white and the other side is black to show my achievement and my mistakes are equally the things that most matter about the subject. The other idea of not seeing my face was so the viewer could see it in them with there relationship with peopel.I quit like the piece, would like to see how this will develop in the future.

48 Hour porject photos

These are the creen shot I took from the film of the 48 Hou Project. I really like the colours of the food colouring. The red food colouring is my favourite because the consistense as seems looks like a cloud effect.