Broken pot

From the inspiration of the dough rising to the top of the bottle I wanted to capture that from in a more of an elegant way. I wanted a way for the dough and the glass to be one element father than two. I decided ceramics was the best way forward. So I started off with a pot that then became a wonky pot. I then let the clay to dry, after taking it out I realised my pot was very messy. So I got a knife and smoothed the edges, in doing this I broke a part of the pot. My first reaction was “oh no”. Then I realised that the pot was a representation of mum. I was trying so hard to get ride of the scrapes and scars the pot had and broke part of the pot. So by trying to cover up bad things that has happened you are breaking parts of your relationship.

48 Hour porject photos

These are the creen shot I took from the film of the 48 Hou Project. I really like the colours of the food colouring. The red food colouring is my favourite because the consistense as seems looks like a cloud effect.